Tips and Tricks to Help Lower Your Car Insurance

Aami Car Insurance Quote OnlineIn today’s economy, people are doing whatever they can to cut down on spending. They use coupons at the grocery store, eat in a lot more than they used to, and are basically just tightening their budgets. The one area that people are having difficulty saving money in is in the area of car insurance, due to the fact that this is a mandatory expense, and for anyone that drives, there is really no way around it. The good news is, however, that there are some easy ways to save money on your car insurance, and if you are someone that is looking for a way to lower your costs, here are some simple tips.

One way to lower your rates on your insurance plan is by installing a driving monitor. Many insurance companies offer a nifty little gadget that can be installed in your car in order to track your mileage and measure the miles in which you drive. Drivers that lower their mileage have the chance to lower their insurance premiums, and they can also cut down on fuel costs. Read the rest of this entry »

Save Cash On California High Risk Car Insurance

California high risk car insurance can set you back a pretty penny. If you don’t know how to save cash on the purchase, you could find yourself paying a whole lot more than “good” drivers do. While there aren’t exactly loopholes in the system, there is a surefire way to get the best possible pricing on high risk auto insurance. Read the rest of this entry »

Why You Need More than the State Mandated Minimum Auto Insurance

The economic downturn experienced in the U.S. over the last few years has spurred many to reexamine their finances. Areas of expense that were given little, if any, thought before are now being scrutinized in an effort to find savings. Auto insurance is one such example. Many policyholders are reexamining their existing coverage for adjustments to lower their premiums.

Before making any change to your auto insurance policy, you should always find out what the insurance requirements are for your state. This info can be obtained through your State Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV). For example, the California DMV requires every motor vehicle to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage, which includes $15,000/ per person/per accident on a claim of bodily injury or death, $30,000/ per accident for all persons, and $5,000/per accident for property damage. In other words, if you have the state minimum requirement liability coverage for California and have an accident where you’re at fault, then the policy will pay the above amounts for property damage, medical bills, and vehicle replacement or repair for the other vehicle involved, but it will not cover you, your passengers, or vehicle. Read the rest of this entry »

California Auto Insurance – Things to Take Under Consideration

Like most states, auto insurance is mandatory for all vehicles operated on California roadways. Those driving without insurance in California can have their vehicle registration suspended, vehicle impounded, and, in the event of an accident, be personally liable for the resulting damages. So, while it might not always be so easy to get a reasonable auto insurance quote in California, it’s vital to have auto insurance.

California is one of the largest states in America, with about 36.5 million people calling it home. Considering just the population, one can imagine that there’s a substantial number of vehicles traversing California roadways. Insurers typically equate dense populations to a higher probability and number of claims, which usually translates to higher premium rates for drivers living in such areas. Even though California auto insurance rates are relatively high, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to find cheap California auto insurance. Read the rest of this entry »